Patriot Yard

The Patriot Yard is sponsored by the Dobyns-Bennett Band Booster organization. The program benefits the Dobyns-Bennett Band students by helping fund trips such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Rose Bowl Parade, Bands of America National Marching Competitions and local events such as the football game halftime shows and the 4th of July and Christmas Parades.

When is it?
The program runs from September through July and occurs on each of the following holidays:
Labor Day through Patriot Day
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Flag Day
Independence Day
What will we do?
The Boosters will place a 12′ long tube in your yard flush with the ground. On the five holidays listed, the Boosters will set out a 3′ x 5′ American flag the day before the holiday and pick it up the day after.
What does it cost?
Each July, we will request a tax deductible donation of $35. You will be able to show your Patriotism while helping support the Dobyns-Bennett Band students.
What do you do?
If you have not signed up for the Patriot Yard Program before, complete and mail the PatriotYard New Subscription Form 2016-17 with your $35 donation.
If you would like to continue your support of the Patriot Yard Program, complete and mail the Patriot Yard Renewal 2016-17 with your $35 donation.
If you would like to donate via PayPal, we ask you to donate an extra dollar to help with PayPal fees. Thank you.

  If you have questions or concerns regarding the Patriot Yard program, email [email protected].

Dobyns-Bennett Band Boosters
c/o The Patriot Yard
P.O. Box 7265
Kingsport, TN 37664