Instruments for Sale: updated June 27, 2016

Please click on the link below for information on instruments for sale.  The link is an Excel workbook divided by spreadsheet for each instrument with the contact name, phone number, email address, brand of instrument and price. Instruments for Sale Spreadsheet will download to your computer. Please open it up there to see what is available. Thank you.

Teal and Gray, belted bodysuit uniforms-29 total, offered at $75.00 each
Children's sizes:
Adult sizes:

Uniforms For Sale

Interested in making a purchase? Contact Retha Greene for the latest size availability and pricing: 423.384.4953 or 423.279.9096 or email at [email protected] #1 Designed by The Band Hall this uniform is an orange and maroon velvet. #3 Tuxedo style uniforms used for Open WinterGuard performances. Designed by The Band Hall. The top half is maroon and the bottom is eggplant …


Flags For Sale

You can click on the image of the flag for pricing and availability. If you are interested in any of these flags please contact Retha Greene: 423.384.4953 or 423.279.9096 or email at [email protected]